Action Captured Images: Blog en-us (C) Action Captured Images (Action Captured Images) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:27:00 GMT Action Captured Images: Blog 120 96 Tag Everything I wish I had photos of everything I can remember and could remember everything I have photos of. It is the later that I want to address tonight. Nothing makes me sadder than an old photo album that has been discarded and is now being sold at some antique shop only because surviving family members have no clue of who the strangers in grandma's pictue book are. In today's time pictures are taken by the thousands, not 10-30 like in the time before digital photography made film obsolite. It is even more important to tag pictures as you load them onto your computer and the images are still fresh in you head. I tried the old file names of 1 or 1a or "important" only to have them blur together like a bad picture. If you can't remember what or who the subject of your picture is, there is a definate possibility that all your hard work will be tossed when you are gone and noone knows who that old lady staring at them from the picture  truely is. I have had family members toss out valueable old photos because they had no idea they were throwing away the last remaining picture of great grandma and great grandpa along with pictures of both their parents.  SO the moral of the story is tag your photos early in the download and edit process. Make it clear for someone other than you to understand. Don't use abreviatons or your own form of shorthand, because you are the only one that understands what thought process you use to mark your pictures. The alternative is to delete all your photo files now and burn all your prints. That sounds like a terrible choice for ones lifelong work.

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